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The Transformation and Reconstruction of Rural Value from the Perspective of the Sense of Place -Take Kaiping Fang Clan as an Example

Yiwei Chen1, Tian Yang2*, Xinglin Li3 and Wenbo Li1

1School of Civil Engineering and Architecture Wuyi University China

2Guangdong Qiaoxiang Culture Research Center, Wuyi University, China

3School of Foreign Languages Wuyi University China

Corresponding Author

Received Date: December 01, 2020;  Published Date: December 10, 2020


In the discussion of the relationship between globalization and localization, Jiangmen Qiaoxiang makes the regional characteristics of reciprocity and reconstruction of south China clans appears particularly prominent. This study explores the rural value transformation, traditional revival and reconstruction of villages from the theoretical perspective of local sense, combined with regional cultural characteristics in the Qiaoxiang region. This paper also discusses the reconstruction and transformation of rural value of heritage sites in the process of Kaiping’s transformation from Qiaoxiang to the world cultural heritage site. Thus, from nativity to sense of place, cultural heritage exhibition and reconstruction of sense of place is an important practice to deal with the transformation of social modernity.

Keywords: Sense of place; Rural value; Overseas chinese; Qiaoxiang

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