Open Access Mini Review

Significance of Applying Thermal Analysis on Research of Energetic Materials Containing Metal Powders

Liu Lu1,2, Zhou Lili1, Wang Yicun1, Hou Guangyue1 and Sun Yalun2*

1Department of Mechatronical Engineering, Shandong Institute for Product Quality Inspection, Shandong, China

2Department of Mechatronical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China

Corresponding Author

Received Date: May 30, 2020;  Published Date: June 11, 2020


Insensitive energetic materials have become one of the important trends in the development of conventional weapons. Metal powder is widely used in composite energetic materials and its advantages have been further confirmed. At present, thermal analysis technology is widely used to study the reaction mechanism of energetic materials including metal powder.

Keywords: Energetic materials; Metal powder; Thermal analysis technology

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