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Research on the Construction of Smart Pension System under the Background of Big Data

Le Gao1, Wanting Zhang1, Jia Li1, Tian Yang2* and Jianling Liang3

1Department of Intelligent Manufacturing, Wuyi University, China

2Guangdong Qiaoxiang Culture Research Center, Wuyi University, China

3School of Politics and Law, Wuyi University, China

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 23, 2021;  Published Date: February 02, 2021


Based on the characteristics of China’s large population base, the speed of China’s aging population continues to grow, and the smart pension model has become the trend of China’s pension service. This paper will analyze the existing problems of China’s pension service from three pension models of home-based care, community care and institutional care, and analyze the development status and feasibility of smart pension service at home and abroad. On the basis of fieldwork, this study combined with the idea of big data to construct the structure of smart pension system from the infrastructure layer (IAAs), data and resource storage management layer (DAAS), basic service layer (PAAS) and business application layer (SaaS). The content of smart pension system includes smart medical system, smart community management system and other service systems. Finally, this paper puts forward some suggestions to realize the smart pension service system under the background of big data, which can provide reference for solving the problem of social pension.

Keywords:Big Data; Aging Population; Smart Pension

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