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Modeling and Optimization of The Energy Bill

Khaoula Amarray1, Aziz Ettahir1*, Kamal Kettani1 , Omar Bourass1 and Abdelaziz Chaouch2

1Material, Energy and Acoustics Team (MEAT), University Mohammed in Rabat, Morocco, Morocco

2Ibn Tofail University,. Faculty of Science, Laboratory of Applied Chemistry and Quality Control, Morocco

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 09, 2020;  Published Date: January 21, 2020


In our shaken world of energy crisis and inadequate supply in relation to the increased demand of our country, it is important that all companies have a good control of their energy consumption which is synonymous with gain of profit for the country, And on the other hand to relieve demand. The objective of this work is to find the correlations between the sulfur consumed and the thermal energy produced (high pressure steam) of a Moroccan company which is one of the five largest fertilizer companies in the world and the leader in the field of phosphate industry. These correlations will then make it possible to realize a simulator which will be used to optimize the energy bill on the basis of linear programming.

Keywords: Thermal energy; Modeling; High pressure; Sulfur

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