Open Access Research Article

Effect of Lamination Scheme on Buckling Load for Laminated Composite Decks Plates

Osama Mohammed Elmardi Suleiman1*, Mahmoud Yassin Osman2 and Tagelsir Hassan3

1Department of Mechanical Engineering, Nile Valley University, Sudan

2Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kassala University, Sudan

3Department of Mechanical Engineering, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan

Corresponding Author

Received Date: March 27, 2019;  Published Date: May 02, 2019


New numerical results are generated for in – plane compressive biaxial buckling which serve to quantify the effects of lamination scheme on buckling loading. The results indicate that the symmetric laminate is stiffer than the anti – symmetric one. This phenomenon is caused by coupling between bending and stretching which lowers the buckling loads of symmetric laminate.

Keywords: Lamination scheme; Biaxial buckling; Classical laminated plate theory; Finite element; Fortran program; Composite laminated decks plates

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