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Development of Jute Hybrid Composites for use in the Car Panels

Mustafijur Rahman1, Vinit Viduran2, Kazi Sirajul Islam1*, Adnan Maroof Khan3, Nusrat Binta Hossain4, Mohammad Forhad Hossain1 and Mohammad Abbas Uddin1

1Department of Dyes and Chemicals Engineering, Bangladesh University of Textiles, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2Dolar Gold Belts and Fans Private Limited, West Bengal, India

3Department of Apparel Engineering, Bangladesh University of Textiles, Dhaka, Bangladesh>/p>

4Puls Trading Far East Limited, H&M Bangladesh Liaison Office, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author

Received Date: February 17, 2021;  Published Date: March 17, 2021


The purpose of this research work is to explore the potential of jute composites to be used in side panels of a car as a lightweight biodegradable substitute to steel and other materials, which will result in better fuel efficiency and maneuvering capabilities. Various tests were carried out to determine the feasibility of using these materials to make car panels. While it has lower tensile and flexural properties than that of carbon fiber material, still it can be replaced as a cheaper alternative to carbon, since carbon is very expensive and scarce. Also, it has higher strength to weight ratio than that of steel while being cheaper than steel, which can make it a plausible option for car manufacturers to look into. But at the same time, there are some issues that are needed to be overcome.

Keywords: Jute; Epoxy resin; Composites; Tensile strength; Flexural strength; Car panels

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