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Identification of Mild Cognitive Impairment in Elderly Population

Jayachander Reddy Neravetla1 and Venkata Satyanarayana Nanduri2*

1President and Founder, Yoga Prana Vidya Ashram, Sri Ramana Trust, India

2Consultant, Yoga Prana Vidya Research &Publications, Sri Ramana Trust, India

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 25, 2021;  Published Date: February 15, 2021


Healthy aging is a state of being and a concept that overlaps psychology and healthcare domains. A concern for most adults is how to successfully live through healthy aging. It has also aroused great interest in scientific community to conduct exploratory and interventional studies to identify factors contributing to healthy aging and recommend ways and means to achieve it. In this context it is observed that Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) is an integrated and holistic process of composite body-mind healing that represents explanations and techniques to promote and maintain healthy aging through light physical exercises, rhythmic yogic breathing, Yogic super brain asana, meditation, energy body healing and right diet thereby improving and sustaining composite health (mental, emotional and physical health) of adults of all ages. In the conclusion it maybe said that introducing YPV to children and youth from schooling/college stage will foster naturally healthy life in adulthood with minimal or no-disease life in old age.

Keywords: Bio-field energy healing; Healthy diet; Successful Healthy aging of Adults; Yoga Prana Vidya System; YPV; Self-healing.


Successful healthy aging is a challenge for all adults, and in particular, to people in midlife onwards. Scientific evidence suggests that people who exercise regularly not only live longer, they live better and stay independent [1]. A longest longitudinal study on aging (BSLA) [2] identified two findings. First, “normal” aging is associated with disease proneness. Although people’s bodies change and can in some ways decline over time, these changes do not inevitably lead to diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, or dementia. Second, no single, chronological timetable of human aging exists. All persons age differently. In fact, in terms of change and development, there are more differences among older people than among younger people. The rate of aging of all individuals is affected by Genetics, lifestyle, and disease processes. Scientific research has identified the following basic action steps to maintain health and function as adults get older: (1) Exercise and physical activity, (2) weight and shape, (3) right Diet (4) Participation in enjoyable activities.

Yoga research

Yoga is an increasingly popular form of physical postures and activities and refers to a unity of the body, mind and spirit. Recent research indicates beneficial effects of yoga on several health outcomes affecting elderly adults, including balance and mobility, cardio metabolic health, cognition, sleep quality and quality of life. Yoga practice has also been associated with better subjective wellbeing and improved mental health outcomes free from depression and anxiety. With few exceptions, however, the evidence base supporting yoga for older adults consists of exploratory, feasibility or pilot studies [3].

Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) and the Energy healing science

There are several strategies available to adults for successful healthy aging and one system easy- to- practice is Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV), a proven easy-to-follow strategy and is a key option to adults aiming for curing and preventing diseases. Yoga Prana Vidya system consists of physical and breathing exercises, forgiveness meditation practice, and planetary peace meditation for which guidance to self-practice is available through mobile apps [4]. A certified YPV trainer helps the aspirant to learn initially on how to properly practice. Later on the learners can practice by themselves.


Besides these modules of self-practice, YPV has protocols for healing the human energy body (surrounding the contour of the physical body), that consists of Chakras (energy centres), and meridians (the channels of energy flow). This energy body, also known as Pranamayakosa in ancient texts, consists of bio-plasmic energy or Pranic energy, is shown in Figures 1 and 2 below that represent a healthy body and a sick person’s body respectively [5]. (Source: Yoga Prana Vidya Research).

Energy healing consists of cleansing and energizing the elements of the energy body thereby treating and curing the illness in the physical body. Keeping the energy body healthy all the time would ensure that energy and immunity are boosted, and diseases can be prevented from entering the physical body. In the process, the mental and the emotional side of a person will also be treated and balanced, achieving mental and emotional health simultaneously.

In addition to the above stated protocols, YPV stipulates saltless and sugar less vegetarian diet, since the food consumed has a direct bearing on the health. Thus, YPV is an integral approach addressing various conditions of a person holistically. Documented evidence suggests that YPV system effectively cured some difficult Medical cases [5] enabled Diabetes Management and Control [6] removal of heart block without surgery [7] management of PHN(postherpetic neuralgia) [8] treating Exostosis of ear without surgery [9] treatment of eyes and improving vision [10] lower blood cholesterol levels [11] speedy recovery of COVID 19 patients [12] controlling hypothyroidism [13] management of CVJ anomaly [14] and treatment of a rare case of urinary Fistula without surgery [15]. YPV system has also been found effective in treating psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, and burnout [16] YPV has been found to be a preventive measure such as needed in emergency and first aid cases [17] and an effective intervention to promote and achieve physical health, psychological well-being and improved immunity [18].


Both scientific literature and evidence from Yoga practices confirm that besides maintaining physical health, maintaining a state of happy and joyous life with good social interaction and selfless service to fellow beings helps greatly for successful aging. Reports show that Yoga Prana Vidya system enabled school children for higher academic performance [19] and has been introduced in some schools, which shows that YPV will do its best when introduced to children and youth from student stage, helping them to maintain good composite health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) as they grow older into adulthood. Neuroscience research has indicated that the brain connectivity changes in meditators and that the practice of long-term meditation causes neuroplasticity phenomena, lowering age-related brain degeneration and improving cognitive functions [20].


Evidence from research and experience from field practice show that the Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing achievable by practicing YPV is an integrated, holistic and viable approach that can be adopted in the lifestyle by people of all ages, fostering disease prevention and positive composite health leading to successful aging.


To Sri Ramana Trust for permission given to use their copyright terms Yoga Prana Vidya System ® and YPV ®.

Conflict of Interest





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