Open Access Opinion

Some Thoughts Around Aging, Density, And Measuring the Covid-19 Pandemic

Yves Daniel BUSSIÈRE*

Faculty of Economics, Benemérita Universidad Autótonoma de Puebla, Pue, Mexico

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 21, 2021;  Published Date: February 23, 2021


In January 2021, it is still too early to measure the full impact importance of the Covid-19 pandemic and, especially, make comparisons between countries. Faulty or deficient information is frequent, especially in populist countries, and socioeconomic contexts are often quite different. In the absence of detailed data, we propose some preliminary thoughts on the importance of considering the impact of aging and density in evaluating the success or failure of different policy-reactions to the pandemic of various countries in Europe and America.

Keywords: Aging; Covid-19; Density; Indicators; Pandemic.

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