Open Access Short Communication

About Climate Change

Oleg Halidullin*

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan

Corresponding Author

Received Date: October 11, 2018;  Published Date: October 23, 2018

Short Communication

Humanity annually takes away more and more lands from nature: plowing it under crops, flooding it with hydroelectric power stations, concreting and asphalt cities and roads. The total area of such lands was 67% of the total land area of the planet by 2015. All water evaporated from such territories, at best, does not change its structure. As they came with precipitation, they returned back to the atmosphere. At worst, they are impregnated and combined with chemical elements, which then, it happens that, with a strong concentration, they fall acid rain. Evaporations from artificial areas are substantially complemented by evaporation from technological processes of industrial and municipal production. At their core, these fumes are alien to nature. Before the advent of man, such fumes did not exist. You can call them artificial fumes. Nature did not expect such a massive evaporation from washing and drying clothes, dishes, asphalt - everything that was created by man.

Historically, the interaction of the plant and animal worlds with water created atmospheric phenomena and a circuit in the nature of water itself and other substances. For millions of years, the volumes and frequency of precipitation, their places of precipitation have stabilized. The consequence of this was the formation of various zones: steppes, deserts, forests, tropics - the whole palette of geographical zones, including the comfortable climate in the inhabited man, areas. Of particular importance is the accumulation of water in the polar and mountain glaciers. It is possible that the reduction of glaciers at the poles of the Earth and in the mountains is not a result of warming, but changes in atmospheric phenomena. And the warming itself is a consequence of the decrease in the action of the “global refrigerator” - glaciers. As industrialization develops, artificial evaporation increases in volumes and speeds. The quality of evaporation is a little-studied direction of science, but, in all likelihood, it also has some effect on the “heavenly kitchen.” Evaporations from drying asphalt and from the plant or from our breathing cannot be the same.

The official hypothesis, based on carbon dioxide emissions, distracts the world community from the true cause of climate change and leads the world to a global catastrophe. If during the year 4 billion tons of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, then the water of artificial evaporation alone is 2,200 billion tons. Since the beginning of the 20th century, according to UN experts, the increase in CO2 emissions has ranged from 0.5 to 5% per year. As a result, over the past hundred years, 400 billion tons of carbon dioxide has just entered the atmosphere due to the burning of fuel. ” Or 4 billion tons per year.

According to [1] Up to 20 thousand km of cubic groundwater is extracted annually. Plus to this: [2]. Plus, every year people irrevocably take approximately 2,000 cubic meters from rivers and lakes. km fresh water. Annually. All this water through sewers and evaporation goes into the atmosphere without organic changes. They are joined by natural evaporation - in volume, perhaps even greater. Against the background of such fumes, the fight against carbon dioxide is a flea war.

“Heavenly kitchen” has broken, due to changes in its components. Distribution mechanisms, schedules, dosing of precipitation by zones of the earth’s surface have disappeared. In some places, devastating floods, in others - drought and fires. These facts are known to us from reports and chronicles from the scene. Today floods in Spain, yesterday - hurricane Florence. It is assumed that the mechanism of long-term accumulation of water in glaciers also broke down. The growth of glaciers stopped. Without reaching the poles and mountain zones of the water, snow falls not in historically given places, but in the rain in the oceans and foothill zones. The level of the oceans is growing, and the glaciers are decreasing. According to the chain of positive feedback, this growth increases in some progression. This is indicated by increasing natural disasters, their destructiveness and the prospects for flooding the continents. The future of the planet is quite alarming.

Is there salvation? Do we want to continue the human race and in general life on the planet? It is necessary to return all taken away to nature: land and water

It is urgent to prove the assumptions made here and develop a new concept of saving life on the planet. It should be based on total saving of water in production and everyday life by every enterprise, every state, every person. It is not easy to make rules about forgotten tap and the reduction of water consumption. It is necessary to radically reconsider all actions related to water. Water must make a qualitative transition from the functions of the working fluid body, the reagent to the food product - drinking and only to personal consumption - by living organisms. Everything else must be reduced.



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