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What do Old Newspapers Hide?

Ioganson Lidia Ivanovna*

Institute of the Physics of the Earth Russian Academy of sciences, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: June 18, 2019;  Published Date: June 26, 2019


The article is devoted to the informative possibilities of the Russian newspaper “St. Petersburg Vedomosti” for XIII century from point of view of natural disasters. “St. Petersburg Vedomosti” proved to be a valuable source of information for historical seismicity of not only Russia, but also other countries, including Italy. It not only contains the strong Italian earthquakes not recorded in existing catalogs, but from its publications it became possible to identify one of the key seismic activations in Italy relevant to the events 2016–2017. The analysis of seismic regime allows suggesting the long-term seismic sources in the regions of Norcia, Foggia and Irpinia, what deserve the special study. Interesting data are received on the volcanic events of 1751 in the Savoy Alps, which can serve as a warning when assessing the natural risks of this territory. It may suggest that a special type of explosive eruptions may occur in the Alps, though not accompanied by outpourings of lava, nevertheless constituting a great danger.

Keywords:Newspaper “St. Petersburg Vedomosti”; XVIII century; Italy; Earthquake; Seismic activation; Savoy; Volcano; Eruption; Landslide

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