Open Access Mini Review

The Revival of Old Hydraulic Turbines for Innovative Hydropower Generation: Water Wheels, Archimedes Screws, Deriaz and Girard Turbines

Emanuele Quaranta*

Joint Research Centre of European Commission, Ispra, Italy

Corresponding Author

Received Date: May 18, 2020;  Published Date: June 09, 2020


Hydropower is the most developed renewable energy technology. It has evolved over hundreds of years, with the highest growth in the Twentieth century. Some technologies are continuously improving, while others have been forgotten. Four emerging hydropower turbines developed in the past, but forgotten in the last century, are here presented: water wheels, Archimedes screws, Deriaz, and Girard turbines. Their revival is related to the new needs that hydropower must face. The Updraft free-exit-flow turbine, not yet a commercial product, is also described.

Keywords: Archimedes; Deriaz; Girard; hydropower; hydro turbine; water wheel

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