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Open Access Review Article

Production Methods of Laminated Al Alloy Composites

Yalun Sun*

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 05, 2019;  Published Date: July 19, 2019


Al alloy is widely used because of its versatility. Al can alloy with a variety of elements and produce materials with different properties. Efforts have been made to join two kinds of Al alloys together. This combination can take both materials’ advantages and may even have superior property over both starting materials. Researches showed that the combination of certain alloys can help improve the corresponding property, such as mechanical strength and thermal/electrical conductivity. Another practical use is to reduce the overall price while remaining acceptable properties. In this paper, 6 different methods for producing laminated metal composites (LMCs) were briefly reviewed.

Keywords: Al alloy; laminated metal composites; Bonding

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