Open Access Mini Review

Mechanical Metastructure in Structural Engineering: A Short Review

Livija Cveticanin1,2*

1University of Novi Sad, Serbia

2Obuda University, Hungary

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 29, 2020;  Published Date: August 17, 2020


In this paper a short review on the mechanical metastructure applied in civil and structural engineering is considered. This metastructure represents the macro version of the metamaterial which is a kind of composite. The main property of the mechanical metastructure is to mitigate and suppress vibration in systems. Depending on the configuration it represents vibration isolator or absorber which stops the low-frequency vibrations and forms an oscillation band-gap. Various types of mechanical metastructures with negative effective mass and negative stiffness are presented. In the paper the auxetic structures with negative Poison’s coefficient for vibration elimination are also considered. The future investigation in the matter is suggested.

Keywords: Mechanical metastructure; Auxetic structure; Vibration isolator; Vibration absorber

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