Open Access Short Communication

Concrete for Drilling and Injection Piles ERT

Sokolov NS*

Chuvash State University, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: September 26, 2022;  Published Date: October 20, 2022


The cross-sectional strength of concrete in injection piles is a fundamental indicator for determining its bearing capacity on the ground and on the body. Electric discharge technology allows to increase the strength of fine-grained concrete. At the same time, it can exceed the strength of untreated concrete by the electro-hydraulic method by 40÷50%. An important role in the process of gaining the strength of concrete is played by compliance with the technological regulations for the manufacture of piles-ERT. In geotechnical construction, there are very frequent cases of noncompliance of the strength of concrete of finished piles with design values. Below in the article is a case from geotechnical practice

Keywords:Strength of fine-grained concrete; Drill piles; Electric discharge technology; Piles-ERT; Fine-grained concrete mixture (BSM); Pavability

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