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Open Access Research Article

Inguinal Hernia; Open Surgery Vs Laparoscopy

Hammou Benslimane*

Pediatric urology department, Children hospital of Oran, Algeria

Corresponding Author

Received Date:January 17, 2023;  Published Date:March 24, 2023


Abstract: The past 50 years, surgeons have wrestled with the question regarding the contralateral inguinal region in an infant or child with a known unilateral in guinalhernia. Repair one side or both. Laparoscopic hernia repair is an effective and increasingly popular alternative to open herniotomy.

Materiel and Methods: Prospective study, 20 children underwent either LS or OS 20 for PIH. Operation time, intra- and postoperative complications, postoperative pain, postoperative stay, cosmesis, and the size of testis were recorded and compared for differences in outcome. Patients were followed up for an average of 6 months.

Results: operative time longer in ls for unilateral but shorter in bilateral. The difference in pain perception between LS and OS was insignificant. Immediate postoperative recovery (_3hr) was delayed in a greater proportion of children undergoing LS but duration of hospital stay was similar.

Discussion:Scrotal edema was observed in 2 cases following OS, testicular atrophy significant in os. Iatrogenic testicular malposition significant in open surgery.

Conclusion:The trend toward greater application of the laparoscopic technique to hernia repair seems warranted to improve the sensitivity of diagnosis, the protection of vas, vessel, and sliding hernia sac content, and the placement using magnified vision of sac closing sutures .Minimally invasive techniques may be particularly advantageous for the diagnosis and the treatment of both direct inguinal hernias as well as femoral hernias.

Keywords:Inguinal hernia; Open herniotomy; Laparoscopy herniotomy

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