Open Access Mini Review

Hypercapnia in Hemodialysis (HD)

David Tovbin*

Department of Nephrology, Emek Medical Center, Israel

Corresponding Author

Received Date: February 04, 2019;  Published Date: February 14, 2019


Acute intra-dialytic exacerbation of hypercapnia in hemodialysis (HD) patient has been initially reported 18 years ago [1]. Subsequent similar case was reported few years later [2]. Common features of both patients were morbid obesity, a previously stable HD sessions and an acute respiratory infection at time of hypercapnia [1,2]. HD patients with decreased ventilation reserve, due to morbid obesity with or without obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and/or obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS) as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), are at increased risk.

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