Open Access Mini Review

Hemodialysis (HD) Dialysate Potassium

David Tovbin* and Karim Awad

Department of Nephrology, Emek Medical Center, Afula, Israel

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 18, 2019;  Published Date: January 23, 2019


Extremes of serum potassium levels in the general population, cardiac patients and hemodialysis (HD) patients may be critical. Thus, dialysate potassium concentration needs to be individualized to the patients by a standardized approach of the nephrologists. Our goals are to avoid or minimize pre-HD hyperkalemia, post-HD hypokalemia and high intradialytic dialysate-plasma K gradient, in order to moderate the high mortality and morbidity in HD patients and improve their compromised quality of life (QOL). However, dialysate K is frequently not individualized.

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