Open Access Short Communication

Pregnancy-Choosing the Right Anesthesia

Dr. Aloma Wallace, RN*

College of Nursing, Resurrection University, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 26, 2019;  Published Date: September 25, 2019


Many patients may be encouraged to use an epidural. Attitudes toward epidurals seem routine and similar to a drive through experience. However, the pros and cons need to be addressed, so the mother-to-be can make an informed decision. Some patients suffer some form of trauma, which creates a clot or hematoma, this in turn may affect their lower extremity functioning. Gilman [1] stated that some degree of trauma is usually the cause of a spinal epidural hematoma. Non-traumatic causes include liver disease, anticoagulation therapy, hemophilia, lumbar puncture, aspirin use, and lupus erythematosus. Up to 50% of the cases of spinal epidural hematoma did not have precipitating trauma or other factors observed. The cases were considered spontaneous (Gilman, 2013) [1].

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