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A Comparative Study Between Silver Containing Dressings (Aquacel, Acticoat) and Sulfadiazine in Management of Superficial Partial Thickness Burns in Trunk and Extremities

Mohamed Mahfouz Mohamed, Amr Mohamed El Hefny, Mohamed Mamdouh Abdel Halim, Ahmed Saeed Saad, Wafaa Abdel Wahab Abdel Halim*

General surgery department of Ain-Shams University, Egypt

Plastic, reconstructive surgery and burns department of Ain-Shams University, Egypt

Plastic surgery and burns department of Om El-Masreen general hospital, Egypt

Corresponding Author

Received Date: August 13, 2020;  Published Date: September 03, 2020


The goal of this study is comparison between silver containing dressings (Aquacel or Acticoat) and Silver Sulfadiazine cream in management of superficial partial thickness burns according to time for complete wound healing, number of dressing changes, level of pain during dressing change, incidence of infection, and total cost effectiveness. The study found that silver containing dressings are superior to the conventional treatment with Sulfadiazine cream in superficial partial thickness burns. Key words: Superficial partial thickness burns, Sulfadiazine cream, Antimicrobial barriers, Acticoat, Aquacel Ag

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