Open Access Review Article

Endurance Running and Its Effect on the Development of Osteoarthritis

James Clatterbuck, Jacob Fridley and Christopher Myers*

Department of Health and Human Performance, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 14, 2020;  Published Date: January 29, 2020


Endurance running does not cause osteoarthritis. Since endurance running is a very prevalent form of exercise, it is critical to determine the longterm effects that endurance running can have on the body. The hypothesis of this review which is endurance running does not cause osteoarthritis. To come to this conclusion, a multitude of studies relating to this topic were analyzed. Furthermore, the studies analyzed includes variants such as group sizes, species, age groups, and training experience. These studies were utilized to determine the impact of endurance running on the development of osteoarthritis. Additionally, these studies examined many groups that underwent varying lengths of duration, running intensities, and running distances to find a connection between the two factors. A vast majority of the studies examined supported the thesis while only a few sources challenged the thesis. Nevertheless, more research needs to be conducted on this topic to definitively credit or discredit the notion that endurance running does not cause osteoarthritis.

Keywords: Endurance; Running; Osteoarthritis; Exercise; Joints

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