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Antidepressant Effect of Aqueous Extract of Salvadora Persica in Mice?

Tahani H Ibrahim1* and Manar Alnuwaysir2

1 Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology College of Pharmacy, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia

1 College of Pharmacy, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia

Corresponding Author

Received Date:February 12, 2020;  Published Date: March 06, 2020


Background: Worldwide herbal therapies was considered as alternative of traditional medicines in treatment of many condition including neurological disorders, especially in treatment of depression which recently affecting large group of the general population. Salvadora persica (S. persica), which has different names including Miswak, Siwak, or Arak, has been used traditionally for many purposes among muslim society. Phytochemical screening of S. persica revealed the presence of saponins, flavonoids, steroids, phenols and tannins, which are valuable as antimicrobial, antiallergic, antioxidant, antiradical and anti-inflammatory.


The present study aimed to evaluate the antidepressant activity of S. persica aqueous extract in albino mice using forced swimming test.

Materials and methods:

The antidepressant effect of the aqueous extract was evaluated using forced swimming test, the evaluation was done by recording immobility and swimming time for 6 minutes test. Mice were divided into four groups (6 mice in each group). Group I, control group, was given normal saline10ml/kg. Group II and III received 5mg/kg and 10mg/kg of S.persica extract respectively. Group IV, reference group, was given imipramine 10 mg/kg. All the doses were given intraperitoneally


The aqueous extract of S. persica (5mg/kg and 10mg/kg) and imipramine produced significant decrease (P<0.05) in the duration of immobility compared to the control group. On the other hand, S. persica extract exhibit significant (P<0.05) increase in swimming time when compared to control group. Imipramine produced significant increase in swimming time when compared to both S. persica extract and control group.


We concluded that the aqueous extract of S. persica have significant antidepressant activity. However, further studies are needed to isolate the active constituents, and to find the exact mechanism of action.

Keywords: Salvadora persica; Miswak; Depression; Force swimming test; Imipramine

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