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Composition of Camel Milk: A Blessing for Health

Asim Faraz*

Department of Livestock and Poultry Production, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan

Corresponding Author

Received Date:August 14, 2020;  Published Date: September 29, 2020


Camel milk is very rich source of protein along with potential anti-microbial and protective activity. Water is among the important factors that severely affect the camel milk composition. Its contents in camel milk vary from 84-90 percent. Dehydrated camel has a most remarkable feature that it has the ability to maintain lactation with the milk secretion having over 90 percent water contents, which could be considered a natural adaptation in order to provide the necessary fluids to the calf. The relative amount of the fat, protein and lactose components of camel milk are very similar to those in the cow milk and the water contents affect the percentage of fat. Moreover, the fat present in the camel milk doesn’t forms a layer so it is evenly distributed throughout the milk as small micelles that make its digestion easier. It contains higher concentration of long chain fatty acids so healthier enough. The pH and density of camel milk ranges between 6.5-6.7 with an average of 6.56 and 1.025-1.032 with an average of 1.029 and both values are lower than those of cow milk. The colostrum of camel is slightly diluted and clearly white like normal milk unlike bovines. Generally; colostrum transforms to milk within 7-10 days in camels. Camel milk has unique property to inhibit the growth of microorganisms as it contains protective proteins and enzymes with special antibacterial and antiviral properties such as lactoferrin, peptidoglycan protein and lacto-peroxidase. It also contains protective insulin to treat the Diabetes mellitus. This paper will describe the composition and health benefits of camel milk; thus, will be a useful addition in the field of camel science.

Keywords: Camel; Milk; Food; Desert; Pastoral

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