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Microbial Contamination and Pathogenecity Related with Quality of Drinking Water of Rural Areas of Dera Ghazi Khan

Ayaz Ahmad1* and Sahrish Khan2

1Assistant Professor of Biology Govt. Degree College D.G.Khan, Pakistan

2Department of Biotechnology, Quaid-e-Azam University, Pakistan

Corresponding Author

Received Date: February 13,2020;  Published Date: February 28,2020


Water is very important solvent to perform the functions of human body and the quality of water is very important. The present study was carried out to check the quality of drinking water of rural areas on the basis of turbidity and microbial contamination of D.G.Khan. Rural areas are at very much-diversified locations; usually water in this area is salty. Safe drinking water availability is very common problem of residents. The purpose of our study was also to check that on what parameters water is highly rejected and not safe for drinking purpose with high health risk. Total of 150 samples were collected and brought to the laboratories for analysis from 5 different villages, Gud Pur, Lohar wala, Mamoory, Jamna Chandia and Basti Malanga. Water samples from 9 different locations from each Village. The sampling was done in a systematic randomized way started from each village in sterilized bottles and were brought to the laboratory for analysis. Though the water used for drinking purpose in the study area was obtained from the clean water supply systems including water supplies, hand pumps, and filtration plants. Despite of this the water people were drinking was found contaminated with Turbidity, Bacteria’s and E.coli bacteria. The Turbidity value of all the water samples collected from all villages was less than 5 NTU except two samples that was above the limits of the standard given by World Health Organization. All the results were statistically analyzed by Anova. In This study it was proved that contaminated water is responsible for many microbial disorders like cholera, Ringworm, Trachoma, Hepatitis, Epilepsy, Mental retardation and High blood Pressure.

Keywords: Drinking water; Pollution; Microorganism; Microbial disorders; Rural area of DG Khan

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