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Marine Environmental Management and Development Strategy for Marine Aquaculture in Taiwan: Cobia Case Study

Yi Che Shih1,2,3*

1Deputy of Director, Ocean Affairs Council, Executive Yuan, Kaohsiung City 80661, Taiwan

2Assistant Professor, Department of Maritime Police, National Central Police University, Taiwan

3Assistant Professor, Institute of Ocean Technology and Marine Affairs, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Corresponding Author

Received Date: August 25, 2018;  Published Date: Septembert 14, 2018


Taiwan is surrounded by the sea. As regards to its lands and resources are limited. To develop the marine culture is the government’s fishery policy in recent decades. However, in the process of vigorous sea culture, if there is a lack of marine environmental related policies, marine environmental monitoring systems or marine environmental monitoring indicators, it will have an impact on the ecological environment, environmental carrying capacity and environmental conditions of the aquaculture environment. Therefore, this paper reviews and focuses on the environmental conditions, management and development strategies of Taiwan’s marine aquaculture. Moreover, to propose strategies to enable the future development of Taiwan marine aquaculture environment and aquaculture industry to get better development.

Keywords: Marine aquaculture; Marine environmental management; Marine environmental monitoring; Taiwan

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