Open Access Mini Review

Mangrove and Its Health Benefits

Delianis Pringgenies*

Department of Marine Science, Diponegoro University, Indonesia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: April 09, 2019;  Published Date: May 23, 2019


Mangrove, which in Indonesian is known as mangrove, is one of the many vegetations found on bays of shallow coasts, estuaries, deltas and protected coastal areas that are still affected by tides in Indonesia. This plant has striking features, with large and woody supporting roots, shoots in the form of tapered foliage leaves, and fruits that germinate and root while still in the tree. Mangroves provide various benefits, the wood is used as fuel and charcoal, tannins from the bark are used as dye, and are sometimes used as medicine in cases of hematuria (presence of blood in urine). Mangroves are also planted along the ponds to protect the embankments [1].

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