Open Access Review Article

Feasibility, Functioning and Future of MPAs in Mainland Tanzania: Evidence from Two Marine Parks

Simeon Mesaki*

Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Dar Es Salaamm, Tanzania

Corresponding Author

Received Date: February 20, 2020;  Published Date: March 03, 2020


Marine protected areas (MPAs) are a key tool that Tanzania has committed in protecting and conserving its marine biodiversity and intervention for coastal underdevelopment. The idea of establishing Marine Parks and Reserves in the country became a reality through the Marine Parks and Reserves Act (MPRA) of 1994 which provides for the legal framework for conservation, management and wise-use of coastal and marine resources. Currently Tanzania mainland has three marine parks and fifteen reserves established under the MPRA; their management mandate to the semi-autonomous Marine Parks and Reserves Unit (MPRU). The paper assesses the rationale of establishing these forms of conservation and developmental initiatives, amplifying their lackluster performance in achieving stated goals and the future prospects compared to the more successful terrestrial national parks.

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