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English Version of CWPT (Color Words Pick-out Test)

Takaki Shimura1*, Eriko Okuyama2 and Keiko Togami Evans3

1BME Research Lab. Sosei Ltd., Japan

2Hamamatsu Human Research LabLtd., Japan

3Lawyer, Australia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: August 06, 2020;  Published Date: August 24, 2020

Keywords: CWPT, English Version, neuropsychological test, PCSD, MCI, slight disorder


CWPT [1-4], which is able to detect a slight disorder of cognitive function in PCSD(Preclinical Stage of Dementia), is attracting attention as a neuropsychological test that allows screening at the stage where we must rely on expensive testing equipment such asPET and MRI. CWPT is a test for identifying colors and remembering episodes simultaneously while reading a story containing Color Words (Appendix 1). Original Japanese Version of CWPT is named CKPT(Color Kanji-character Pick-out Test). Using it, we had examined evidencein Japan, which were presented at two international conferences [5,6] and published in an international journal [7]. Through these presentations and publication, we are asking for collaborative researchers word-wide because CWPT can be easily translated and used in various languages.

Announcement of English Version of CWPT

The English version of CWPT that we developed not only translates the Japanese version, but also includes two enhancements. The firstenhancement is to double the length of the story. As a result, the tester can be free from the following hassles: the test time for those under 60 is halved, and the test results are doubled.So, you can compare from young people to elderly people within the same criteria. The second enhancement is the improvement of the PowerPoint used by the explainer when the subjects receive the CWPT. Conventionally, the explainers have been given a certain amount of education to ensure the uniformity of the explanation, but there was a tendency forthe test results to vary, due to individual differences amongst the explainers. To solve this problem, we have developed a new tool that incorporates the narrator image and explanation into the PowerPoint used for explanation. As a result, I hope that the explainer’s variations will be eliminated.

The tools for the English version of CWPT developed are listed below:

1. English Story and Questions booklet

2. English version PowerPoint with narrator

3. Booklet of tester’s manual

4. CWPT Implementation Manual Booklet,

Where 1 is distributed to subjects and 2-4 is issued to collaborator.

Joint Research Procedure

Researchers wishing to collaborate should informtheir desired purpose of CWPT application. After that, we will enter into a nondisclosure agreement and discuss the purpose and conformity of the CWPT. It is important to note here that the diagnostic criteria obtained in Japan needs to be reconstructed in the country of the collaborator, and the evidence obtained in Japan also needs to be retaken in that country. Next, we will enter intoa Collaboration Agreement and disclose the contents. We will cooperate in the acquisition of funds necessary for research.



This study is being further refined and we hope to work with researchers around the world to achieve the completion of these screening tests for preclinical stage of dementia.


We would like to express our gratitude for the fact that the development of the CWPT English version was partially funded by Hamamatsu Agency for Innovation.

Conflict of Interest

No conflict of interest.


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