Open Access Research Article

Zero-Point Energy State of the Brain

Mukhopadhyay AK*

New Frontiers in Science Bildungsgesellschaft mbH, Munich, Germany

Corresponding Author

Received Date: February 20, 2019;  Published Date: February 27, 2019


Zero-point energy state of the brain has been chosen as the central issue which could make a platform for addressing the leading-edge ideas in cognitive neuroscience and cell biology, physics and cosmology to initiate multidisciplinary research with a view to expanding the horizon of present Science. Zero-point energy state of the brain has been considered as the most comfortable and restful state of the brain, full of activities like healing and regeneration when the brain might remain potentially open for further cognitive evolution. Dark energy-visible energy homeostasis within the brain cells (neurons and glial cells) has been conceptually linked with the gymnastics in cognitive activities, which in turn is logistically supported by plasticity of proteomics and metabolomics of cells.

Abbreviations: ZPE: Zero Point Energy; LCMS: Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry; GCMS: Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry; BOLD: Blood Oxygen Level Dependent; DMN: Default Mode Networking; CSF: Cerebrospinal Fluid; ISF: Interstitial Fluid

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