Open Access Short Communication

Spontaneous Resolution of a Traumatic Cataract in Cerebral Palsy Libyan Patient a Case Report

Khalid A k Elmajri*

Department of Ophthalmology, Omer almuktar University, Libya

Corresponding Author

Received Date: August 02, 2021;  Published Date: September 13, 2021


The rate of surgery in eastern Mediterranean countries remains low. The provision of widespread cataract surgery delivered in a timely fashion before individuals are visually impaired by this condition may result for a reduction of blindness and visual loss. A related disturbing issue is the frequency with which ophthalmic surgery results in intra operative or postoperative complications. In several eastern Mediterranean countries, the rate of complications following cataract surgery remains high. The recent introduction of new techniques for cataract surgery, including phacoemulsification, has been started by ophthalmologists in eastern Mediterranean countries. Despite these advances, less than 20% of the cataract surgery in eastern Mediterranean countries is phacoemulsification. This is because of lack of resources in certain areas for cold and emergency cases, the presence of corneal scars, and advanced mature cataracts [1].

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