Open Access Research Article

Quantum Consciousness and the Heart Based Resonant Frequencies Theory

Abdullah Abdulrhman Al Abdulgader*

Senior Congenital Cardiologist and Invasive Electrophysiologist, Saudi Arabia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 07, 2021;  Published Date: January 26, 2021

The most elusive experience of the human being in this huge endless universe is related to “the human consciousness”, human awareness of what is surrounding him, perceiving surroundings nature with deep interceptions and incorporating all of this in the context of emotional experience based on memory and self-identity. The author defines consciousness as” state of alertness and being aware, active and vigilant of the self and surroundings with volition, based in memory and personal identity. This state is ineffable and intrinsic and express itself in presence of soul through activation of different sensing and perceptive body organs but may pass through lighter densities and variable dimensions in quantum nature, if soul leaves the body” [1]. The following discussions in this chapter will expand the understanding in those directions. The sophisticated neurobiological dynamics within the cerebral cortex dominated the scientific views on consciousness science in the current era. However, there is compelling scientific and rational evidence to convince scientific communities that the nature of consciousness involves dynamics inside the skull but essentially much beyond it in extreme dimensions between the skull and the sky [1]. Holistic perception and understanding of human consciousness incorporating other scientific disciplines like the central role of human heart contribution to consciousness, quantum physics, as well as astrobiologigcal aspects of consciousness are critically needed for creation of proper perspective of the nature of human consciousness. Groundbreaking developments in the field with new era of scientific evidence of consciousness beyond the skull, started with shaking the believe and refuting that neuronal firing of brain structures is the sole source of subjective consciousness experience. In addition, the principles of classical mechanics stand handicapped in front of the challenges to explain the true mechanisms operating the secrets of consciousness. We introduce a new integral understanding of human consciousness called the Heart Based Resonant Frequencies [HBRF] Theory of consciousness based on biological and astrophysical experimental records integrating the up to date achieved knowledge in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and its universal correlates in integration with the current quantum consciousness theories.

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