Open Access Mini Review

Progress in knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease

Julio López Argüelles1*, Dra Leydi M Sosa Aguila2, Lic Aleima B Rodriguez Carbajal3 and Lisan Montalvo Manso1

1Department of Neurology, University Hospital Gustavo Aldereguía Lima, Cuba

2Genetic Center, University Hospital Paquito González Cueto, Cuba

3Department of Neuropsychology, University Hospital Gustavo Aldereguía Lima, Cuba

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 25, 2019;  Published Date: July 29, 2019


In the old age increase the frequencies of mental disease such as primary dementias, being presented most frequently Alzheimer´s Disease and vascular dementia. The principal progress is based on the determination of the early presence of changes in the patients genetically predisposed to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, studies endorsed by a monitoring to patients with mutations from 1 to 3 genes associated with Alzheimer’s disease of early appearance. For first time we got a chronological table of the events that indicate the need for early intervention, with available biological markers that can be measured in order to evaluate the effects of the pharmacotherapy.

Keywords:Dementia; Alzheimer´s disease; Biological marker; Beta protein amyloide

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