Open Access Mini Review Article

Oculomotor Disorders in Patients with Diabetes

Nesrullayeva NA*

National Centre of Ophthalmology named after acad. Zarifa Aliyeva Baku, Azerbaijan

Corresponding Author

Received Date: October 22, 2018;  Published Date:November 20, 2018


The article focuses on oculomotor disorders in diabetic patients. Quite often diabetic patients have oculomotor neuropathies, both as mononeuropathy and multiple cranial neuropathies. 25% of all cases of paralysis of the eye muscles are due to diabetic neuropathy. The frequency of lesions of a group of oculomotor nerves in diabetes exceeds similar violations in patients without diabetes. Recently, due to several reasons the interest of neurologists to diabetes mellitus (DM) has greatly increased. The number of patients with damage to both central and peripheral nervous system caused by DM has also increased, which is associated with the rapid increase in the incidence of diabetes in the world and its transformation into a global epidemic.

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