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Open Access Mini Review

Molecular Method in the Biocybernetics Clavitherapy, Non Invasive, Neuropathic and Oncology

Centrum Klawiterapii*

Department of Neurooncology, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date:December 30, 2018;  Published Date: January 11, 2019


Clavitherapy is a new diagnostic and therapeutic direction in Reflexology. The method was discovered in the sixties of XX century. Polish psychologist doctor Ferdynand Barbasiewicz is the father of this pioneer methods. Mechanisms of Clavitherapy have scientific basis. To use this method in diagnosis and therapy, detail knowledge of anatomy of human nervous system, circulatory system and neurology is mandatory. Scientific basis of this method differs it from acupunctures or acupressure.

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