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Kuru: The Neurodegenerative Disorder; Roles of PrPC and PrPSc in infection, Effects in Blocking Neural Synapses and its Comprehensive Observation

Ahnaf Ilman1* and Md. Abu Syed2

1Department of Science, Dhaka Residential Model College, Bangladesh

2Department of English, Dhaka Residential Model College, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author

Received Date: December 10, 2020;  Published Date: January 08, 2021

Kuru is a rare and neurodegenerative disorder-creating disease that effectively and principally affects Neural Synapses and the Central Nervous System. For this reason, brain cells and tissues started to be damaged and deceased. Microbials step out to act against the dangerous deceased cells of the human brain, and spongiform encephalopathy gets created. Thus, the Axon-Dendron of Neuron that contains the human brain gets blocked. In the mid of 19s, Kuru has been revealed as a complicated and a suspected pandemic creating disease. Although most of the diseases are caused by different types of virus, bacteria, fungus etc., Kuru is the first human transmitted disease that has been caused by a complicated and misfolded protein. Human body also bears protein, but that is a normal and not dangerous protein, and it is regarded as Cellular Prion Protein, also known as PrPC. That protein donates itself for the betterment of the human body. But the Scrapie Prion Protein also known as PrPSc is the Prion Protein that causes Kuru Disease and acts against the Brain and Immune System. Actually, Kuru is penetrated through oral intake. The discussion of Alpha-helices and Beta-sheets have been accurately and theoretically revealed from the aspect of Neuroscience in this review paper. Some figures have been added for a better understanding of most relevant and challenging features.

Keywords:Prion-Protein; Neuron; Scrapie; Alpha-helices; Beta-sheets

Abreviation:PrPC : Prion Protein (Cellular); PrPSc: Prion Protein Scrapie

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