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InformationBased Hierarchical Brain Organization/ Evolution from the Perspective of the Informational Model of Consciousness

Florin Gaiseanu*

Principal Senior Researcher, Science of Information and Technology Bucharest, Spain

Corresponding Author

Received Date: March 20, 2020;  Published Date: April 14, 2020


Introduction: This article discusses the brain hierarchical organization/evolution as a consequence of the information-induced brain development, from the perspective of the Informational Model of Consciousness.

Analysis: In the frame of the Informational Model of Consciousness, a detailed info-neural analysis ispresented, concerning the specific properties/functions of the informational system of the human body composed by the Center of Acquisition and Storing of Information, Center of Decision and Command, Info-Emotional Center, Maintenance Informational System, Genetic Transmission System, Info Genetic Generator and Info-Connection center, in relation with the neuro-connected brain areas, with a special attention to the Info-Connection and its specific properties. Besides a meticulous analysis of the info-connections/neuro-functions of these centers, a special attention was paid to limbic/cingulate cortex activities. Defined as a trust/confidence center, additional features are highlighted in correlation with the activity of the anterior cingulate cortex, consisting in the intervention/moderation of amygdala emotional signals, conflicting opposite YES/NO data and error elimination in the favour of the organism equilibrium, the intervention in the certainty/uncertainty balance to select a suitable pro-life information (antientropic effect), in moderation of pain and in the stimulation of the empathic inter-human relations/communication. Representing the correspondence between the informational subsystems and the brain area map, it is shown that the up/down integration of information by epigenetic mechanisms and the down/ up evolution are correlated.

Results: The analysis of the functions of the anterior cingulate opens new gates of investigationsconcerning the involved intimate mechanisms at the level of cell microstructure, specifically on the compatibility with quantum assisted processes admitted by the Informational Model of Consciousness and the quantum-based models The discussion on the information integration/codification by epigenetic mechanisms shows that this process starts from the superior levels of brain conscious info-processing areas and progressively advances to the automatic/autonomic inferior levels of the informational system, under insistent/repetitive cues/stress conditions, pointing out an hierarchical functional/anatomical structure of the brain organization. Additional arguments are discussed, indicating that the down/up progressive scale representation is a suggestive illustration of the brain evolution, induced/assisted/determined by information, accelerated at humans by the antientropic functions of the Info-Connection center.

Conclusions: The hierarchical organization of the brain is a consequence of the integration process ofinformation, defining its development accordingly to the adaptation requirements for survival during successive evolution stages of the organism, information playing a determinant/key role.

Keywords: Information; Informational systems; Brain hierarchical organization/evolution; Information induced evolution

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