Open Access Mini Review

Human Consciousness: The Universal Heart Based Resonant Frequencies and the Massive ecosystems Hierarchy

Abdullah A Alabdulgader*

Congenital Cardiologist & Invasive Electro physiologist, Prince Sultan Cardiac Center, Saudi Arabia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: October 15, 2020;  Published Date: November 02, 2020

Few scientific dilemmas in the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century, are still not investigated in an integral comprehensive approach compatible with the era scientific advances. Human Consciousness, its origin, nature and the delicate symphony orchestrating its execution remains at the top of the list of the elusive sciences of the human history. Intuitively, our ancestors refer to the human heart as the seat of soul and the center of the consciousness experience. The scientific evidence of this miraculous issue must be life time struggle but scientistists in quantum physics, cardiac astrophysics, mathematics and computational engineering in the last 8 decades started to decode the miraculous mystery. Five international conferences, King of Organs Conferences (KOO) chaired by the author of this review were held (King of Organs International Conferences for Advance Cardiac Sciences in 2006,2008, 2010,2012 and2019) with collaboration of collective group of world leaders in cardiac astrophysics, stress, heart math, chronobiology, mathematics, geology and space sciences .The great collective mission was to navigate in consciousness scientific aspects . KOO series of conferences started in 2006, incorporated up to date scientific understandings in the field of consciousness in the last 80 years, with unique and special scientific direction considering the human heart as central operator in the consciousness experience. Escalating accumulation of scientific evidences of what was thought of as intuitive concepts about the human heart role of consciousness had became evident, the dawn of which emerged in respectful publications from KOO and scientific collaborates research. There is compelling scientific and rational evidence to convince scientific communities that the nature of consciousness involves dynamics inside the skull but essentially much beyond it in extreme dimensions between the skull and the sky. The approach we adopted is based on holistic perspective and understanding of human consciousness incorporating quantum physics, cardiac astrobiology, mathematics, neurocardiology, and other disciplines in addition to philosophical bases of consciousness. Scrutinized investigation of the consciousness science and its implications and consequent regulations in medical practice illustrated clearly that major proportion of the misleading implementation of decisions to end life were related directly to the faulty and drastically deficient definition of consciousness. Recently consciousness research refers to the Consciousness Tetrad which describes four escalating levels of consciousness starting from the default consciousness which is the default state that separates the living from the dead, rising to the aware consciousness which looks at consciousness as a continuum of states ranging from awake to sleep to drowsiness to semiconscious states like stupor and finally coma. The third level is the operational consciousness which is consciousness related to motor, sensory, cognitive, ethical, creative, emotive, and other abilities and capabilities and awareness of all mental operations. The fourth level is what philosophers refers to as the transcendence

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