Open Access Case Report

Giant Cell Reparative Granuloma of the Sphenoid and Orbit: Case Report-Tripoli-Libya

Amal Elbahi1,2*, Muffaq Lashhab1,3, Hamza Alshawish3, Hesham ben khayal1,3

1Tripoli University, Libya

2Tripoli Eye Hospital, Libya

3Anwar Alsalam Clinic, Libya

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 19, 2021;  Published Date: August 10, 2021

This case describes a case of giant cell reparative granuloma(GCRG) of the sphenoid and orbit, which is rarely affect these locations .Our case is a 48 years old female, who presented with proptosis in her left eye; imaging demonstrated a large sphenoid mass affecting the lateral wall of the orbit which was resected via an intracrainial approach. Based on immunohistochemeistry stain, was proved to be a GCRG.

Keywords:Proptosis; Giant cell reparative granuloma; Sphenoid

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