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Diagnostic Coding: A Novel Approach to Quality Assurance in Private Practice

Jessie Payne1, Sandiya Sathiyaseelan1, Maureen E Beran1, Glynda Hurley1 and Roy G Beran*1,2,3,4

1Strategic Health Evaluators, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

2Griffith University, Gold Coast and Brisbane, Australia

3Department of Neurology and South Western Clinical School, Liverpool Hospital and University of New South Wales, Australia

4Sechenov Moscow First State University, Moscow, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: February 11, 2019;  Published Date: February 22, 2019


Quality Assurance (QA) measures in private practice require the collaborative effort of practitioners and their administrative staff and are designed to monitor and improve the efficiency and quality of clinical practices and patient care. The private research company ‘Strategic Health Evaluators’ (SHE) in Sydney, Australia, has developed a unique QA system based on diagnostic coding to monitor follow-up treatment for patients, report incidents and assess the appropriateness of current patient treatment. Concurrently, the system is also useful in creating a pool of potential subjects for clinical trials as patients are categorised within a database by their diagnosis. This paper reports the benefits of the application of diagnostic coding in the private practice environment and evaluates the extent to which the system has achieved its goal of quality assurance.

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