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Benign Episodic Unilateral Mydriasis: Normal Phenomenon in Migraine? Considerations from A Clinical Case

Alberto Vargas-Cañas1,2* and Catalina Reyes Pérez2

1Neurologist, Neurology Unit, Hospital Luis Tisné B, Penalolén, Santiago de Chile, Chile

2General Practitioner, Universidad de los Andes de Chile.

Corresponding Author

Received Date: December 09, 2020;  Published Date: January 08, 2021

In last 50 years, there are many reports about an infrequently condition characterized with a transitory mydriasis associated to migraine attack and without others causes that would explain the ophthalmology finding. This type of headache forces to rule-out critical life-threatening conditions like posterior communicating artery aneurysm among others with neuroimaging test. This conditions has been named Benign Episodic Unilateral Mydriasis (BEUM). We present a clinical case with this characteristics but with the difference that it does not have previous history of migraine like is usual in BEUM. Since there are pupillary alterations in migraine, would the mydriasis be a normal phenomenon in migraine, or a specific isolated disease?

Keywords:Red-flags headache; Secondary headache; Migraine; Mydriasis.

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