Open Access Short Communication

A Case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Alberta Shkembi*, Elda Skenderi and Feride Imeraj

Department of Pediatrics, University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa”, Albania

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 03, 2020;  Published Date: July 21, 2020


This article presents a case study of posttraumatic stress disorder. Patient also manifest somatic symptoms, these symptoms affect her daily functionality. The purpose of this article is to identify the symptoms of post-traumatic stress. The working hypothesis are: The effects of traumatic events that have occurred are related to the psychological sensitivity that the patient exhibits. Traumatic events can trigger somatic sensations such as headaches and high temperature. The goal of treatment is to reduce negative thoughts by coping with negative experience.

Keywords:Post-traumatic stress; Somatic symptoms; Negative experience

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