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Medical Christianity that we Can Revive the Dead a New Form of Christianity

James T Struck*

A French American Museum of Chicago, Dinosaurs Trees Religion and Galaxies, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: August 09, 2023;  Published Date: September 01, 2023


Christianity can be seen as closely connected to the resurrection of Jesus.

“For the Christian tradition, the bodily resurrection was the restoration to life of a transformed body powered by spirit, [web 3] as described by Paul and the Gospel authors, that led to the establishment of Christianity. In Christian theology, the resurrection of Jesus is “the central mystery of the Christian faith” [1].


Since we view resurrection as key to Christianity, the revivifying of the dead can be seen as a new form of Christianity.

The dead are asleep, and they can be woken up. Mary Baker Eddy believed that the dead are not dead but spirits. We can argue for a new form of Christianity where we can revivify or electrify or re-awaken the dead.


We show a new form of Christianity about waking up the sleeping dead.



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