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Analysis of Variables that Impact on Weight Regain in Patients Treated with Intragastric Balloon

Machado AE and Sander BQ*

Sander Medical Center, Brazil

Corresponding Author

Received Date: October 28, 2021;  Published Date: November 16, 2021


Introduction: Obesity is a public health problem of global proportions that has shown alarming growth rates, including among children and adolescents. The clinical treatment of obesity has very expressive success rates, but with a very high recurrence rate. The Intragastric Balloon (IGB) is an option for these patients.
Methodology: Data were selected from individuals attending a private obese outpatient medical center. All patients were certified by telephone and invited to participate in the study. During data collection, the following questions were asked: Follow-up with a nutritionist; followed up with a psychologist. Performed regular physical activity; Presence of comorbidities; Used/uses medications; performed any surgical procedure; Using the IGB helped to acquire new habits; was satisfied with the use of the IGB; If they could have done something different to avoid regaining weight; would use the IGB again.
Result: In the present study, 150 patients treated with the IGB regained some weight, which corresponds to 68.49%. In the descriptive analysis of the variables that impact on weight regain, it can be observed in the group of patients in which there was weight regain that, in relation to nutritional monitoring, there was a decrease in 34% of patients who underwent this monitoring during treatment for after treatment, while in the group with no weight regain, this decrease was 28%. Psychological follow-up also showed a 50% drop between during and after treatment, but in both groups.
Conclusion: For treatment success, it starts with the acceptance and understanding that obesity is a disease, as well as an understanding of the harms that this condition brings throughout life. The change in habits must be progressive and constantly evaluated. Increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables, as well as increasing the practice of physical activity.

Keywords: Intragastric balloon; Lifestyle change; Obesity; Weight regain

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