Open Access Short Communication

Depression as a Mental Health Problem in the Patients Suffering from Cancer

Behzad Saberi*

Medical Research, Esfahan, Iran

Corresponding Author

Received Date: December 20, 2019;  Published Date: January 10, 2020


About two patients from every ten patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, suffer from depression. This depression is something apart from usual sadness. Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer may encounter various stressful issues. Depression in this patients group can be occurred and needs special attention to be diagnosed and be treated appropriately. Issues like changes in daily life and life plans, changes in self-confidence and body image, being afraid of death and being worried about legal and money issues are some examples about such stressful issues for the cancer patients. When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, he or she would encounter with various degrees of grief and sadness and some other symptoms related to the depression like having problem with sleep and appetite, being worried about the future and related anxiety and some feelings like despair, disbelief and also denial. Although these are common symptoms in the patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, but the reaction of the patients and their degrees of possible depression is different between various patients. Some patients can deal with the diagnosis of cancer better and would not encounter depression and anxiety problems and some others deal with such diagnosis in a way that they would encounter anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder. Usually the patients who can continue their roles in their lives like being a parent or a spouse and can be active during their daily life, have adjusted to the cancer diagnosis and its course much better than other patients. Family members of the patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, are also at risk of developing anxiety and depression.

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