Open Access Short Communication

Book Review ‘Physical Disability’ (Malay Version)

Uqbah Iqbal*

Department of Physical Disability, Malaysia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: November 16, 2018;  Published Date: November 28, 2018


Written by Dr. John Shenkman, physical disorder is any type of disability or illness that makes one feel less fortunate than any other person. There is no doubt that we all have been ill from time to time due to sore throat or flu. This disease can also cause us not to go to school. However physical disabilities have a longer effect on the lives of their sufferers. Certain efforts must be made to deal with physical disability problems. Each human body consists of small units called cells that grow together to form skin, nerves, bones and others. All of these belong to a complex interconnected cell system. Each system relies on another system to function perfectly.

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