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Archives of Clinical Case Studies (ACCS) is an interdisciplinary journal which is combination of all types of case reports includes all types of sciences. However, case study is an intensive topic that every researcher shows interest. It is an intensive analysis of an individual unit stressing organic process factors in relevance context. Clinical Case Studies presents innovative psychotherapy cases involving individual, couples, and family therapy. We aim to encourage authors to publish their recent data by providing a platform to report distinctive, unusual and rare cases that enhance our understanding of illness method, its identification, management and clinico-pathologic correlations and creates awareness in readers. Clinical Case Studies concentrates on the on the topics like behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, gestalt, humanistic, psychodynamic, rational-emotive therapy, existential, systems, and others. As the medical technology developing day by day, clinical researchers and medical doctors are interested in clinical case presentations and their each case present provides new insights in diagnosis and treatment methods.

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