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Health for all Through Wisdom: Conclusion: How and Why Would Such Simple Step Make People Disease (NCD) Free?

Suresh Vatsyayann*

Our Doctor- The Family Clinic, Gurugram, India

Corresponding Author

Received Date:September 27, 2019  Published Date:October 17, 2019

Mini Review

Every single cell in the body, be they alone travelling in the body, or they be the part of the organs, or systems, communicate with each other. This communication is face to face, door to door, in touch, or in proximity. The communication could be through messengers like the free-floating cells that bring messages from all over the body to their head- office, or their supervisors, or their cobrothers, already in communication with them. The communication could be through the chemicals from one cell to the others in far off places, or they may be communicating through various channels like the nervous system, or the hormonal system that both work independently as well as though their networks, generally using body’s calcium & other channels. The communication systems in our body leave no stone unturned to convey the messages, especially for their day-to-day activity and in a case of death, disability, disasters, and, or performing their routine surveillance duties. Needless to say, that it is a complex and a highly specialized machine, our body and their constituent cells, all working to live life to the fullest. Body knows what cells young, mature and what cells are going to die (apoptosis). They have their funeral system ready and they have the stem cells ready to replace them. Moreover, they are ready to help, cause inflammation, and then scarring achieving normalcy for us even though they have to sacrifice themselves as well as the abnormalities that go on, so long they are working in harmony within their own cosmos within us. We being oblivious to it generally, but have to know (use of the scientific knowledge so far gained) it so that we can learn to harmonize with both the internal and the external cosmos for all to live happily for as long as it takes us under the guidance and actions of nature.

It is unthinkable how over a 100 Trillion Trillion cells talk to each other and know about each other’s plight, needs and deeds, and are there to help each other in need and in health. They do that 24/7 for our whole life, loss, or gain, live, or die, they always are there for helping the organism (us) to live happily ever after. Only, do we shorten our life by disrupting their harmonious relationship and expertise. We cut the life and harmony short from the day we start digesting (cooking) our food outside our bodies, the very first step of a healthful harmonious living, e.g. acquiring fuel for living, the food (Sun given/God given) which is raw and we are there to process it and the first processing Gastrointestinal system (GIT) is stuffed with this already processed, cooked food making their expertise redundant at least majorly, if not fully. This overburdens the GIT, the liver, and that then pushes it forward to the CVS to deposit wherever CVS can and throw it out, or store it for future starvation, that generally never comes except in the poorest of the poor people and the countries. Who could we blame, if not us, the knowing lot, the doctors and the scientists? Therefore, this plea to us all to see the picture, understand it and use any media, individual, or mass media and start the campaign of “health for all through wisdom” and avoid the disaster of NCDs that is awaiting us to be annihilated sooner than we think.

It is a wild guess that no more than 50 years from now, at least one member of each family in the world would be disabled, or dead each year from one, or the other NCD. Only the youngest of the generations/children would/may survive and as a result they might start thinking about living with nature, within the rules of the nature and the evolution, and let their bodies work in harmony with nature, most importantly, eat raw food as and where feasible to respect our GIT system that starts the ball rolling for a NCD-free life and the world.

Certainly, taking steps to reduce pollution, chemicals and pesticides, and grow your own food would be other equally important and scientific topics that should have come in picture by then, followed simultaneously with the raw food intake principle. Every action that is a short cut has great ramifications. The trigger for sure for these short-cuts and the resultant ramifications is the false feeling of development and quality of life, all a social construction, cheating ourselves due to our ignorance. Extracting, grabbing and hoarding all the resources today much more than we need in years and the horrible monetary system of economy that has nothing much to do with the resource/s itself. Is it not then why we all work for the same thing at different places, duplicating, triplicating, millionicating the same operation and competing with each other? Why can’t we all the like-skilled and the like-minded people get together and develop things for common good? I am very sure that if all the scientists started working together (a great era and opportunity due to the digital communication globally) we would take a day, or a few days to find answers for anything and everything where we won’t have to work hard paying EMIs, repaying the loans and still be in debt. We are stressing our life with no time for relaxation, or enjoying life as it comes, and as we wish to relax and use our life for the common good in whatever way we like or are passionate and skilled about.



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