Open Access Research Article

Variations of Interest Among People for Watching Cricket with Respect to Blood Grouping

Muhammad Imran Qadir and Arslan Hassan*

Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Multan, Pakistan

Corresponding Author

Received Date:June 20, 2019;  Published Date:July 02, 2019


The objective of present study was to corelate blood grouping with people’s interests in watching cricket. There are four principle types: A, B, AB, and O. Two antigen and two antibodies that are mostly answerable for the ABO forms and A.B.O blood kinds are controlled by a gene by three sorts of allele indirect since traditional inheritances i, IA, IB. The gene stays positioned on the extensive arm of ninth chromosomes (9c34). The IA allele give blood type A and IB springs form B and I give form O. By way of together IA IB are dominants on I. ii are of blood group O. It was concluded from present study that mostly people of B+ blood group take no interest in cricket watching and people of O+ blood group are cricket watching lovers.

Keywords: Blood grouping; Watching cricket; Sharp container

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