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The Ambivalent Mesenchyme-Pleomorphic Hyalinising Angiectatic Tumour

Anubha Bajaj*

Consultant Histopathologist, AB Diagnostics, India

Corresponding Author

Received Date: August 11, 2020;  Published Date: September 03, 2020


Pleomorphic hyalinising angiectatic tumour (PHAT) is an infrequently discerned, soft tissue, mesenchymal, spindle-shaped cellular neoplasm of uncertain cellular lineage initially scripted by Smith et al in 1996 and is contemplated as a neoplasm of intermediate malignant potential [1]. The exceptional, mesenchymal lesion is frequently cogitated within subcutaneous tissue and is composed of pleomorphic, spindle-shaped cells and ectatic blood vessels encompassed by hyalinised stroma and lack of mitosis [1,2].

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