Open Access Mini Review

Public Health, Ethical Vegetarianism, and the Harms of the Animal Food Industry

William O Stephens*

Department of Philosophy, Creighton University, Omaha, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date:June 28, 2019;  Published Date:July 02, 2019


In the West, the history of philosophical vegetarianism began in ancient Greece and Rome, not the 1970s. Yet as the global human population has grown, so has the world’s population of domesticated livestock. The expanding industrialization of the animal food sector is guilty of various serious environmental and societal harms, including climate change and public health threats. The meat industrial complex, perpetuated by the ideology of carnism, is too inefficient, too damaging, and too costly to sustainably feed a growing human population. The virtuous choice is to replace meat, eggs, and dairy products with plant-based foods.

Keywords: Vegetarianism; CAFO; Meat industrial complex; Carnism; GHG; 4Ns

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