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Donkey Owners Knowledge and Perception on Reproduction: Case of the Builsa North District, Ghana

J Atawalna1*, CD Essel1 and DKD Sia2

1School of Veterinary Medicine, Kwame University of Science and Technology, Ghana

2Department Veterinary Services, Ejisu, Ghana

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 15, 2019;  Published Date: July 24, 2019


The study was conducted in the Builsa North district of Ghana, using questionnaire to investigate the knowledge and perception of donkey owners on reproduction and reproductive health problems in their animals. A total of 94 respondents were interviewed. The majority of respondents (42.6%) observed oestrus in donkeys throughout the year, while the least (7.4 %), associated oestrus with the rainy season. The respondents were able to detect jennies on heat based on clinical signs. The majority of respondents (35.1%) were able to recognize pregnancy in jennies at 5 months gestation, while (51.1%) of respondents estimated the gestation period to be 11-12 months. The common reproductive health disorders experienced by jennies were Still births (2.7%), Abortion (2.4%), Dystocia (2.2%), Mastitis (0.4), Retained placenta (0.1%) and Metritis (0.1%). Donkey owners are very conversant with donkey reproduction. It is recommended that education on donkey reproduction and reproductive health problems for farmers be intensified in the district.

Keywords: Knowledge; Perception; Donkey; Reproduction

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